Heather Bailey

Heather Bailey is a world-reknowned star in the textile, craft, and decorating arena. With her sophisticated floral designs and smart geometric prints, Heather has inspired a new generation of crafters and home decorators to embrace art and color in their everyday lives.

Heather’s creations, including fashion and home-decor items, have been sold worldwide in the best stores: Fred Segal, Henri Bendel’s, Bloomingdales, and more. InStyle, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Seventeen, Country Living, and other top publications have all highlighted her unique fabrics and creative designs.

“I aim to bring more women to know the joy and deep fulfillment that comes from creativity and from nurturing our families with the work of our hands” says the inspiring mother of three.

Heather Bailey, LLC has expanded steadily to become the unique, global lifestyle brand it is today. For more information on Heather’s product collections, including craft and home-decorating fabric, sewing and embroidery patterns, stationery, housewares, and more, visit www.HeatherBaileyStore.com.

Fabric retailers can order Heather’s popular fabrics through FIGO Fabrics, a division of Northcott Fabrics. Visit www.FIGOFabrics.com, email info@figofabrics.com, or call 833-809-0526. Click here to see Heather’s upcoming collection, TRUE KISSES, which ships in March 2021!

instagram: @HeatherBailey
facebook: HeatherBaileyLLC
twitter: @_HeatherBailey
fine art instagram: @HeatherBaileyArt
fine art facebook: HeatherBaileyArt

For fun, visit Heather’s archived personal blog from 2006 to about 2014 at www.HELLOmynameisHeather.com.